Tourism: welcome to make reservations for groups, parties, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, hen parties, stag parties, student parties, courses, conferences and so on. Our romantic, historic island gives you a cozier, more productive meeting and relaxation.
Adelsö Hotel is a
multi cultural meeting place in Ekerö, which gives visitors the opportunity to experience the quality of life. Cultural experiences and sophisticated recreational environments should be natural elements of everyday life.
Adelsö Hotel is hidden from the eyes of the world in nature's embrace. Tall trees around the

house capture the wind. The lake gleams in the sunset. The water, the air and nature is life. A magical place, a fertile environment for body, mind and spirit. Inspiration and harmony glows in these breathing, ensouled nature. Here you can find tranquility and peace. The birds are singing and playing. A generous, relaxed, inviting and personal atmosphere makes it all even more pleasing.
This romantic place will give you relaxation, increase your creativity and improve your health and afterwards you will be able to continue living your life. The secrets of progress are to stop for a moment, think and relax.