The island of the Viking chieftains: Welcome to Adelsö, a gem among Mälaren´s islands and just steps away from the historically known island Birka.

The area around Adelsö invites to many interesting day trips. During the Viking age a demesne, from which Birka was governed, was located here. Hovgården on Adelsö is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1993.

It was also here Magnus III called together Alsnö meeting at Alsnö house in year 1279.

On Adelsö, following are to be found:
Adelsö Krog - lunch and dinner restaurant
Hovgården - At Hovgården  the Viking demesne, from which Birka was governed,  was located. Here are the "burial mounds" in which the kings of Birka is considered buried. Here are also the ruins of Magnus III´s thirteenth century Alsnöhus palace, site of the historically important meeting in 1279 or 1280 after which Alsnö statutes was issued. At Hovgarden there is also a session of


court place, where is considered that Björn, king of Upland, the first half of ninth century has kept session of courts. Björn probably resided at the demesne on Adelsö. He is known as the king who, according to Rimberts Ansgar, received the Christian missionaries which arrived in Birka about year 830.

Sockenkyrkan - Adelsö church from the twelfth century. This was the location of one of the first church, probably built of wood.
Cafe - at Hovgarden
Boat to Birka - at Hovgården
“Håkanstenen” - at Hovgarden.
Sättra Gård - florist
Stenby - garden center
General store - Borins
Guest dock - Adelsögården
Soccer ground, tennis court - Hovgården
Bicycle and walking paths - 3 and 5 km distances
exhibitions (summer program) - Adelsögården
Dance-floor (summer program) - Hovgården
Midsummer party dance floor, Hovgården